Sunday, October 28, 2012

BOE TURNOUT REPORT: First Day of Early Vote More Than Doubled 2010 Turnout // MORE DEMOCRATS USE OPTION

Below Maryland Juice provides turnout figures from the first day of early voting in the Free State. Yesterday, the ground reports indicated a surge in turnout, and those reports are now confirmed by hard data. Turnout was higher in every jurisdiction, but Democrats appear to be more enthusiastic about voting early. Below you can see the full early vote turnout reports, but first Maryland Juice highlights some key figures:

DEMOCRATIC ADVANTAGE ON DAY 1 OF EARLY VOTING: Democratic turnout on the first day of early vote surged to 2.5 times the turnout on the first day of early voting in 2010. Meanwhile, GOP turnout also surged, but by a much smaller factor of 1.5 times the 2010 figures.
  • 2012 Turnout (Day 1): Democrats 52,819 (2.56%) vs. Republicans 16,129 (1.68%)
  • 2010 Turnout (Day 1): Democrats 20,289 (1.04%) vs. Republicans 9,221 (1.00%)

WOMEN TURNOUT IN HIGHER NUMBERS FOR EARLY VOTING: Meanwhile, I am not surprised to see that women are also turning out at significantly higher levels than men. Note that Democrats have an edge among women, so that would make sense:
  • 2012 Turnout (Day 1): 46,436 women vs. 31,935 men

TOP FIVE COUNTIES FOR RAW TURNOUT ON DAY 1: Here are the top six counties for raw early vote turnout on Day 1:
  1. Montgomery County 13,061 (2.12%)
  2. Prince George's 11,151 (1.96%)
  3. Baltimore County 9,418 (1.83%)
  4. Baltimore City 8,995 (2.29%)
  5. Anne Arundel 6,521 (1.87%)
  6. Howard 5,976 (3.17%)
Note that Day 1 early vote turnout in Montgomery was over 3 times higher than in 2010, where a paltry 3,786 voters participated in Day 1 early voting. (.66%) Lastly, the County with the highest percentage of voters using early vote on Day 1 was Talbot County with 1,214 voters on day 1 (4.80%).

Below you can see the full 2012 and 2010 turnout reports from the Maryland Board of Elections:

2012 Early Vote Day One

Maryland 2010 Early Vote Turnout

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