Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MARYLAND JUICE MILESTONE: Over 900,000 PageViews // Thanks for Reading & Helping Me Hack Maryland Politics

Maryland Juice is thrilled to celebrate a new milestone: last night our upstart blog earned over 900,000 pageviews, and we've only been at this for just under two years:

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Since we've started, the blog has also won a few accolades from readers and insiders. Earlier this year, The Washington Post's politics blog (The Fix) named Maryland Juice one of America's top state-based political blogs. Last November, Baltimore Sun readers also voted Maryland Juice the #2 political blog in Maryland.  But perhaps the most on-point honor thus far has been that this blogger was named one of the "Winners" coming out of the most recent Annapolis legislative session (and I'm not even in elected office!). This April, Center Maryland columnist Josh Kurtz noted the mission-driven nature of my writing in his round-up of #mdpolitics winners and losers in 2013:
JOSH KURTZ (VIA CENTER MARYLAND) - The balloons dropped last night in the House and Senate chambers. So you might say that all 188 members of the General Assembly were winners this legislative session. After last year’s end-of-session debacle, which required two subsequent special summer sessions to pick up the pieces, all that most lawmakers wanted this year was to go home on time.
Mission accomplished! But it turned out to be an interesting and productive session as well — far more so than anyone could have predicted 90 days ago. So here’s a tally of some of the session’s winners and losers:

WINNER: David Moon. Lefty blogger kept Montgomery County legislators honest – maybe nervous is a better word – with his diatribes. His decision to publish roll call votes on controversial measures was also invaluable – especially his list of moderate Democrats and how they lined up on high-profile liberal bills.
But here's the reality -- Maryland Juice cannot be a "legislative session winner" without the legions of readers who ensure our articles get circulated throughout political circles. Thank you for reading, and in doing so, helping me "hack politics." It won't be too long before we hit the 1 million mark. When that happens I think it might be time for Maryland Juice to have an in-person party. Let me munch on that!

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