Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VIDEO: NAACP Chair Julian Bond Endorses Maryland Marriage Equality // Righteous

Julian Bond w/ SNCC back in the day. He keeps it real.
Lately a number of high-profile endorsers have been getting behind the effort for marriage equality in Maryland. One-by-one, we are tearing down the biases propped up by the generation before us. That's why today's endorser excites me more than the sports and entertainment stars that have preceded him: Julian Bond is old school

Though I'm Asian American, it seems hard for me to imagine what life would be like in America without the efforts of many African African leaders like Mr. Bond (he was one of SNCC's founders, for starters). In fact, recent demographic changes in Maryland and around the nation signal pretty clearly that governing coalitions into the future are going to have to be multi-racial and multi-ethnic. Today, Mr. Bond is indicating to Marylanders that LGBT residents must be a part of our future coalition:

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